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From the Jerusalem Post
Heavy fighting in Lebanon despite release of 13 prisoners
HAIFA (November 9) - A South Lebanese Army soldier was lightly wounded
during heavy fighting in the region yesterday, the same day that 13
detainees were released from El-Khiyam jail in the security zone.
The detainees freed included a father and his 16-year-old son, residents
of Arnoun just beyond the northern perimeter of the security zone, not
far from the Beaufort Castle.
Reports from Lebanon said the two had been imprisoned for over two
years. The remainder of those released yesterday were reported to
be residents of the zone itself.
They had been arrested and detained in the jail on suspicion of aiding
hostile elements or providing intelligence information to the Lebanese
authorities and even Syria.
Officially, the Voice of the South radio station which broadcasts from
the security zone, announced that they had been released for
Security sources, however, said it was also a goodwill gesture to try
and improve ties between the SLA and the IDF and zone residents.
It follows widespread protests and rallies in Lebanon, Israel, Canada
and other countries recently against the continued detention without
trial of scores of people in the El-Khiyam jail.
The demonstrations followed protests by Amnesty International over the
detention of a 23-year-old Lebanese woman for allegedly passing
information to Hizbullah.
Security sources noted that there was no law in south Lebanon under
which Lebanese could be tried for acts against Israel.
The only way to stop their activities was to hold them in the El-Khiyam
Furthermore, the sources noted that representatives of the International
Committee of the Red Cross regularly visit the jail and monitor the
treatment and condition of the detainees.
Most of those released were expected to leave the security zone and live
elsewhere in Lebanon.
The detainees' release did not bring a halt to the fighting which
intensified yesterday with nearly a dozen separate long-range mortar
and missile attacks on IDF and SLA outposts throughout the zone.
A SLA soldier was wounded by shrapnel in one of the attacks on a SLA
position in the eastern sector of the zone.
He was treated at the scene and later taken to Marjayoun Hospital in the
IDF gunners returned fire and later IAF warplanes struck at targets near
Majdal Zoun village, north of the zone, in the western sector.
The IDF Spokesman said all the aircraft returned safely.