Three detained, four released by Israeli forces in south Lebanon Monday, December 13 11:18 PM SGT
NABATIYEH, Lebanon, Dec 13 (AFP) - Three young men detained by the Israeli army Monday were released after a few hours, along with a woman held since November 23, Lebanese police said.
Ali Tawbeh, 16, Mohammed Maruni, 19, and Mohammad Assaf, 32, returned to their homes in Arnun, along with Samira Attiyeh, who lives in the same village, they said.
Police said earlier that the three men had been taken from their homes in the village on the edge of the occupied zone by Israeli soldiers, accompanied by members of Israel's proxy South Lebanon Army (SLA), during a search.
They were driven off towards the Israeli army position in the former Crusader fortress of Beaufort castle, the police added.
Shamlakan Assaf, a Nabatiyeh clinic worker who was taken the same day as Attiyeh, has not yet been released.
The Israeli occupation army regularly "arrests" locals suspected of helping the resistance movements and the Lebanese army in the occupation zone.
Those detained in this way are often held, sometimes for years without trial, in Khiam prison, the main detention center in the occupied zone.
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