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SLA shelling sends children into shock
Nicole Choueiry and Samer Wehbi, Daily Star staff
Jan 27, 2000

At least 18 children were treated for shock after mortars fired
by the South Lebanon Army exploded near their schools in
Nabatieh on Wednesday.

Hizbullah meanwhile announced the death of a resistance fighter
during clashes with Israeli troops on Wednesday.
Children were panic-stricken when the morning saw shells explode
near the Public secondary school for girls and a nearby intermediate
school for boys and girls in Kfar Roummane.
Students rushed out of their classes to find shelter from the shells. The
girls' school also came under sniper fire from the nearby Tohra SLA
outpost in the northern sector of the occupation zone. At least 15 girls
aged between 12 and 18 were taken to hospitals in Nabatieh, while
the others were treated on the scene. The students remained under
medical observation after undergoing treatment for fainting, fatigue
and shock.
Twelve-year-old Ahmad Darwish suffered a broken arm trying to
escape sniper fire as he walked past the school.
Twenty schoolchildren were injured on Dec. 16 when mortar shells
hit an elementary school in Arab Salim near Nabatieh.
Hizbullah announced the death of 22-year-old Wael Anani during
confrontations with the Israeli troops in Hardoun and Shemaa in
the western sector.
Hizbullah said earlier that it attacked several Israeli and SLA positions
inside the zone on Wednesday.

The announcement came as the party laid to rest one of its fighters
who had died during fighting against SLA militiamen and Israeli
troops in Jibsheet on Monday.
On Tuesday, Hizbullah  wounded three SLA militiamen in separate
attacks in the South. Elsewhere in the south, Fijian peace keepers
found two land mines attached to a tripwire along a patrol route near
the village of Mansouri, south of Tyre.