Call to release Khiam women
Daily Star, Dec 9 1999

Women being held in Israeli prisons are suffering and need to be freed, activists told the United Nations and human rights groups on Wednesday. The Follow-Up Committee for the Support of the Lebanese Detainees in Israeli Prisons made its statement to mark the United Nations' 51st anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights. The committee called specifically for the release of seven women allegedly being tortured at Khiam, Rana Awada, 29, whose father Zaki was released from the camp and reported she is paralyzed because of torture she endured there; Najwa Samhat, 32, who is five months pregnant; Thunaya Nayef Abu Dala, 28; Zeina Qoteish, 27; journalist Cosette Elias Ibrahim, 29; Shamalkan Hussein Assaf, 22; and Samira Hassan Attieh, 22.
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