Women abducted by SLA taken to Khiam
Daily Star, Nov 24
Two women were abducted by SLA militiamen late Monday from their homes in the occupied village of Arnoun and taken to Khiam prison. Samira Hassan Attieh, 25, and Shamlakan Hussein Assaf, 23, who both work in Nabatieh, were bundled into civilian vehicles by the militia's security wing. No explanation has been given for the arrests. More than 140 Lebanese, including women and teenagers, are currently being held at Khiam without trial or charge. Some of them have been in detention for more than 10 years. Another 42 Lebanese are held in prisons inside Israel. SLA militia in Arnoun earlier banned two farmers, Salim Nimr Hammoud and Kamal Mohammed Ollaiq, from ploughing their land with a tractor. Sheikh Nabil Qaouk, Hizbullah's commander in the south, has warned that the resistance is planning to continue attacks against the occupation forces. "The occupiers have to be punished, not granted security arrangements or political agreements providing them with the security that they have failed to achieve over the past 50 years of conflict," Qaouk said, addressing a delegation of Arab political parties in Jbaa on Monday. "Israeli threats will not provide security" but will confirm the necessity of carrying on with different types of operations: ambushes, attacking outposts, qualitative and martyr operations without any rest," he said. Elsewhere in the south, Hizbullah fighters ambushed an SLA militia patrol in Rihane on Tuesday while Amal claimed responsibility for attacks on the Sojod and Hardoun positions. An Israeli tank positioned in Tohra fired several 105mm shells on Monday on the southern end of Arab Salim damaging three houses. A house was damaged in Yohmor on Monday night by mortar and machine gun fire emanating from Beaufort castle. The five-nation Monitoring Group on Tuesday blamed Israel with wounding two civilians and damaging homes, cars and infrastructure. Lebanese guerrillas were judged to have fired mortar rounds into northern Israel last week. The group includes representatives from Lebanon, Syria, France, Israel and the US.
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