SLA snatches villagers from their homes
Daily Star Nov. 29, 1999
SLA militiamen have arrested 11 residents of Aaita Shaab in the past three days after a Hizbullah arms cache was reportedly discovered in the village.
Ten members of the same family were snatched from their homes in the western sector village on Friday by members of the militia's general security service. Another relative was detained on Saturday, raising to 35 the number of residents of Aaita Shaab who have been arrested since the Israeli-SLA clampdown on the village began in July. The apparent reason for the arrests was the alleged discovery of explosives and weapons including two bombs in a house in the village. The Follow-up Committee for the Support of Lebanese Detainees in Israeli Prisons said those arrested were Adnan Ali Srour, his wife who was not named, his mother Sakna Srour, his brother Ahmad Srour, as well as Hassan Huballah, Ahmad Hussein Srour, Ayman Mohammed Srour, Youssef Mahmoud Srour, Hussein Abdel-Hamid Srour, Mohammed Toufiq Srour and Hussein Ali Srour. They were all reportedly transferred to Khiam Prison. The residents of Aaita Shaab have been barred from leaving the occupation zone by the SLA since July, when two roadside bomb ambushes in the area sparked retaliatory measures. On July 12, Ahmad Shibli Saleh, a senior SLA security official responsible for Aaita Shaab, Ramieh and Beit Lif, was wounded when a bomb exploded beside his home. Ten days later, a large bomb prematurely exploded near the border town of Ramieh shortly before a coach full of Israeli soldiers crossed into Lebanon. The two attacks and the discovery of a bomb between Saff al-Hawa and Ain Ibel came in an area not normally prone to roadside bomb ambushes, leading the Israelis to suspect a resistance cell had been established locally. House-to-house searches, interrogations and detentions led to several arms caches being found. Since then the district has remained quiet.
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