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BEIRUT, LEBANON, January 26 (FUTURE NEWS) -Israel today stepped up
its attacks on southern Lebanon, targeting schools and residential
areas. At least fifteen elementary school students are being treated
for shock and nervous breakdown. There was a stampede in the Kfar
Rouman public school when Israeli shells fell near the building and
machine gunfire hit the school's playground.
Report: Israeli shells fell near a southern Lebanese school in Kfar
Rouman today, causing panic among the 400 pupils. At least fifteen
students were hospitalized for shock and a number of them are
reportedly suffering from nervous breakdowns. Three shells exploded on
the northern edge of the town of Nabatiyeh, north of the zone Israel
occupies, causing pupils and staff to rush out of their classrooms in
Kfar Rouman. Girls fainted, a small boy had his arm broken in the
stampede and classes were suspended for the rest of the day. Lebanese
Army units, civil defense units, and ICRC volunteers scrambled to rush
students to safety. Police said the shelling came from Israeli
fortified positions facing Nabatiyeh. Witnesses said  the students had
been terrorized. There was also panic in the front-line villages of
Arab Saleem and Habboush, where Israeli shells fell close to elementary
schools. Last month, 20 pupils were hurt in the southern Lebanese
village of Arab Salim when Israel shelled their school. The Hizbollah
resistance movement said it launched a series of attacks against
occupation fortifications in Thora, Masharoon, and Sweida, facing
Nabatiyeh. Southern Lebanon has seen an upsurge of fighting. Israel
yesterday attacked areas outside the zone, damaging houses and
injuring two civilians. Hizbollah launched resistance operations
killing an Israeli occupation soldier and injuring three Israeli
allied militiamen.