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Israel might be 19 times as guilty
  as Ron Arad's captors

                    Regarding "Abandoned and all but
                    forgotten, they are rotting away,"
                    November 5

                    I didn't know the state of Israel is in
                    the business of kidnapping people. If
                    those 19 Lebanese, kidnapped 13 years
                    ago in a useless attempt to exchange
                    them for Ron Arad, are as innocent as
                    he is, doesn't that make us 19 times as
                    guilty as his captors?

                    Who judges the Supreme Court for its
                    injustice and inhumanity?

                    Why is justice only urgent when there
                    are Jews involved?

                    A committee should be formed
                    immediately to demand the release of
                    these poor people and to obtain
                    compensation for their suffering and
                    their forced abandonment of their

                    Gaime Glottman