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L'Orient - Le Jour, Feb. 17, 2000
(Translated from French by Raynald Adams)

Another civilian expelled from the occupied zone

A retired Lebanese gendarme held for 16 months in the area
occupied by the Hebrew State in South Lebanon was released
from the Israeli jail at Khiam yesterday and expelled from
the zone.
47-year old Nimr Nimr, from the Christian village of Qlaïaa
in the occupied zone, where his wife and eight children still
live, had been suspected of "cooperating with Lebanese
intelligence services."
He was released from the Khiam Detention Centre and handed
over to Henry Fournier, delegate of the International Committee
of the Red Cross, who took him to the Kfarfalus "gate," one
of the five linking the occupied zone to the rest of Lebanon.
The US-based international organization Human Rights Watch
(HRW) estimates that hundreds and possibly thousands of people
have been expelled from the Israeli-occupied zone since 1985.
HRW believes that by expelling civilians from their villages
in South Lebanon, "Israel contravenes the Geneva Conventions
and commits a crime of war."
Note:  Nimr Nimr was one of the detainees mentioned in the
letter smuggled out of Khiam two weeks ago. It was said about
him that he had undergone seven operations for a hernia which
resulted from his testicles being kicked during investigation.