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   BEIRUT, Sept 9 (AFP) - A trainee woman journalist and two
Lebanese men were abducted last week by Israeli security agents from
a village in southern Lebanon, a Lebanese human rights organisation
said Thursday.
   Cosette Ibrahim, 25, a graduate of the Lebanese University, was
seized on September 2 in her home village of Rmeish, in the central
part of the Israeli-occupied Lebanese border strip, the follow-up
committee for Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails said in a
statement here.
   She was taken along with De Gaulle Bou Taleb, 40, and Samir
Khiameh, 22, the committee said.
   It added that she is being held in Khiam, Israel's main jail in
the occupied zone, for "refusing to cooperate with the Israeli army
of occupation."
   She was "suffering from depression after being subjected to
physical and psychological torture during interrogation by Israeli
agents," it said.
   She is "accused of writing articles about the occupied zone, and
giving the Lebanese army information about Israeli troop movements,"
in the zone, the committee said, describing her detention as a
"flagrant violation of human rights and an attack on the press."
   It has sent appeals for her release to UN Secretary General Kofi
Annan and Lebanese President Emile Lahoud.
   Similar appeals have been made by Lebanese associations for
human rights groups, and by the chairman of the journalists' union,
Melhem Karam.
   More than 140 Lebanese prisoners are held in Khiam. Some have
been detained there without trial for more than 10 years. Conditions
in the jail have frequently been condemned by human rights
organisations, including Amnesty International.