Besieged Bintjbeil resists, ten residents detained
Al Manar
The Israeli occupation forces and their collaborators have sealed off the occupied town of Bintjbeil since Sunday.
A number of the town residents, including students (some were identified as Suhad Bassem Sharara, Hassan Kamal Saad, Naem Ali Bazzi, and Hassan Kamal Bazzi), were detained.
Reports from the town said the nearly ten detainees are being subjected to the most hideous types of torture.
Moreover, the reports added, a number of collaborators, including Wisam Safi Mroweh, Kamal Hassan Fayyad and Ali Khalil Hmayyed have beaten some of the town's residents (most of them women, children and elderly) and ransacked houses.
The residents confronted the agents ferociously and hurled stones at them. The situation in the town is still tense, the reports concluded.
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