Residents of occupied Bleda expose collaborators' practices
Al Manar Jan 5, 1999
Residents of the occupied town of Bleda appealed to the "concerned authorities and the Ministry of National Education to put an end to the practices of some of the Israeli occupation's agents who have been imposed on the educational sector in the town's school while they work for the Israeli intelligence besides forcing residents to pay coercive payments."
The resident's communiqué talked about agents:
- Ali Issa who has rendered his resignation to the public school and wanted the school to collect his end-of-service payment from the residents to be able to flee the occupied zone before the final Israeli withdrawal. Issa currently forges passports and gets visas to European countries through the Zionist entity for $6000 per family.
- Agent Baheej Farhat, brother of the collaborators' security chief Haseeb Farhat. Baheej, the permits' official, raised to $100 the payment that residents have to pay to get a permit to cross the collaborators' gates. He also barred a number of drivers from working because they did not pay him and his brother Haseeb a percentage of their profits. The family of a deceased person also has to pay a $1000 coercive payment to the militia.
- Agent Fatima Nayef Mohammed, in coordination with collaborator Abu Borhan and his son Ali, has prevented the town's residents from getting the asphalt they needed to pave some of the town's roads. The reason was that she took the asphalt to pave a private road to her house which has become a den for collaborators. The collaborators offered Fatima a Mercedes to reward her for the services she is rendering to them.
These "teachers" also harass the students who refuse to go on tourist trips in occupied Palestine.

Mais al-Jabal condemn collaborators
Jan 6 1999
Reports from the occupied zone said the collaborators in the town of Mais al-Jabal have perpetrated arbitrary measures against the town residents who issued a statement condemning the occupation's militia.
- Agent Zuheir Shqeir, in coordination with his brother Dr. Suheil Shqeir, has stolen large amounts of medications that were sent by the Lebanese government to the town's dispensary.
Shqeir has also been barring the residents from leaving the town besides ransacking houses and forcing residents to pay coercive payments.
- Collaborator Ezzat al-Ghadban went recently to the Mais al-Jabal High School and insulted the school principal for not giving Ghadban's son a success certificate.
"In the face of the collaborators' arbitrary and criminal acts," the communiqué concluded, "we must speak up and expose these agents before all the Lebanese and the Lebanese government to make sure that they will have no room amongst the town's residents who will never forget their criminal acts."
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