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Human pawns in a sordid game [Time Magazine, 1990]
Interview with Chief of Red Cross [Daily Star, 1998]
Tortured inmates are "chips" to Israel [The Independent, July 19,1999] 
About our demo of Sep 27 The Daily Star, Sep 28 
Lebanese prison 'funded by Israel' - Ross Dunn, Sep 29 Times

Israel Trained Prison Interrogators - By Mark Lavie, AP

Israel admits it trains SLA jail interrogators [Reuters Sep 28]

Lebanese activists join Amnesty's campaign day on Oct 28th (AFP, Oct 7 1999)

Testimony of an ex-prisoner. (Saudi Gazette, Jan 3 1998) 

Beirut: Education minister calls on students to stand up for detainees [Daily Star, Oct 99] 

Hizbollah's report about Cosette Ibrahim's arrest(Al Manar TV, mentions protests here) 

Torture in Khiam Prison: Responsibility and Accountability, By Virginia N. Sherry,[Al-Hayat Oct. 28. 99]

Women abducted by SLA taken to Khiam Daily Star [Nov 24, 1999]

Occupiers tighten noose on Arnoun Daily Star [Nov 25, 1999]

SLA arrests 10 suspected "collaborators" AFP [Nov 27, 1999]

SLA snatches villagers from their homes Daily Star [Nov 29, 1999]
4 released Al Manar [Dec 2, 1999] 
Call to release Khiam women Daily Star [Dec 9,1999]
Israel detains 2, expels 1 Future news [Dec 16, 1999] 
Rules of the game start to change AFP [Dec 27,1999] 
Hezbollah agents are freed by Israel London Times [Dec 27, 1999] 
Israel frees five Lebanese prisoners Reuters [Dec 29, 1999] 

Details of Berlin's role in prisoner release hazy Daily Star [Dec 29, 1999]

Israel to release 22 from Khiam Daily Star [Jan 4, 2000]
Israel to free 22 Lebanese prisoners XINHUA [Jan 4, 2000] 
Release "must not be linked to Arad issue" Daily Star [Jan 5, 2000] 
SLA corruption Al Manar [Jan 5-6, 2000] 
Israel accused of "war crimes" BBC [Jan 9, 2000] 

Lebanon Guerilla prisoners freed AP [Jan 13,2000] 

Militia releases Lebanese detainees BBC [Jan 13, 2000] 

25 released from Khiam AFP [Jan 13, 2000] 

Don't stop now Daily Star [Jan 14, 2000]

A 'bargaining chip' policy on captives assailed in Israel Boston Globe [Jan 14 2000]

Hizbullah releases two SLA men Daily Star [Jan 15, 2000]

Rehab center for detainees planned Daily Star [Jan 21, 2000]

Fifteen children hospitalized for shock and nervous breakdown Future news [Jan 26, 2000]

SLA shelling sends children into shock Daily Star [Jan 27, 2000]

Taxi driver arrested Al Manar [Jan 28, 2000]

Needed in Southern Lebanon: Young Men Christian Science Monitor [Feb 7, 2000]

Israel launches airstrikes in Lebanon Christian Science Monitor [Feb 8, 2000]

Btselem protests Btselem [Feb 8, 2000]

Lebanon Briefs U.N. Chief on Israeli Attacks XINHUA [Feb 8, 2000]

After Raids, Beirut Turns to Trusty Generators New York Times [Feb 9, 2000]

Costly airstrikes Boston Globe editorial [Feb 9, 2000]

In Lebanon, Life and a Hatred of Israel Go On LA Times [Feb 10, 2000]

Power company struggles to keep the lights on in Beirut Daily Star [Feb 12, 2000]

A Middle East Version of 'You've Got Mail' NY Times [Feb 13, 2000]

Another civilian expelled from the occupied zone L'Orient [Feb 17, 2000]

Israel's torture jails exposed The Observer [Feb 20, 2000]