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Feb 5, 2000

The Follow-Up Committee for the Support of Lebanese Detainees
in the Israeli Prisons has received a new letter from the KDC
where the detainees described their moral and physical suffering
as well as the barbarous tortures to which they were subject to
especially the women detainees.

And the Follow-up Committee is publishing hereby the content
of the letter that was secretly taken out of the Camp. The letter
revealed in their letter that all the partial releases that took place
lately are no more than Israeli attempts to contain the
international media pressure and to conceal its savage acts as
well as those of its pro-militias against the detained hostages and
especially the women and the old prisoners.

The letter is also an out loud cry and an appeal to the
international community to take immediate actions to rescue
those detainees from the slow death that is jeopardizing their

The detainees say in their letter:
"As a result of the very cold weather we suffered from an acute
flue and more than 30 detainees were transferred to Marjeyoun
Hospital for treatment but for all cases the sole treatment was
painkillers such as Panadol and Morphine.

The acute flue that invaded the KDC affected strongly the health
condition of old people especially Ali Ghanwi (60 years old) and
Ali Jawad Fakih (70 years old).

The young detainees suffered from a severe bronchitis and all
night long you can only hear constant coughing in the absence
of medical treatment."

The detainees revealed that their physical and psychological
condition is getting worse more and more. The detainee Hussein
Akil is today completely blind as a result of the failed operation
he had in Israel eight months ago. The detainee Riad Kalakiche,
held prisoner since February 1986, suffers daily from nervous
crises, which leave him unconscious.

The detainee Mujib Turmus needs an immediate catharsis, which
is not available in Marjyoun Hospital while the detainee Samir
Kassem, detained since 1988, is completely blind as a result of
neglecting his cornea. The derainee Gandhi Ayoub suffers from
10 degrees of sight defect. The detainee Ahmed Jaafar has
suffered a stroke in the Camp and as a result of torture he
cannot walk properly.

The detainees revealed also in their letter that the detainee Nimir
Nimir, held since 2/2/98, has undergone seven operations for his
hernia which was resulted by kicking his testicles during
investigation while the detainee Nihmeh Dakdouk is suffering
from asthma and severe case of ulcer.

Furthermore, the detainees said also the Sayyed Abbasse
Fadlallah was transferred many times to Marjyoun Hospital
because of Tahcycardia. The detainee Suleiman Ramadan was
also transferred to the said hospital because of severe state of
depression and in a very bad health condition.

The detainees also revealed that the women detainees are
subjected to barbarous tortures. The detainee Najwa Samhat, held
with her husband Hussein and her son Ahmed, has suffered a
severe hemorrhage, was hanged by her hair and whipped by the
women police officers on her feet that were totally bruised. Her
lip was cut because of boxing her face. Cold and hot water was
poured on her body not to mention that she was constantly
insulted and subjected to psychological pressures such as
threatening her to kidnap her baby and to kill him in the Camp.

The journalist Cosette Ibrahim was transferred four times to
Marjeyoun Hospital as a result of severe infection of the large
intestine and she was treated by serum in her own cell because
she was throwing up everything she eats. She is getting more and
more thinner and her health condition is deteriorating, as she
needs a special diet, which is not provided by the Israeli forces.

The detainee Asmahan Khalil is equally subjected to
psychological pressures by making her hear on a cassette the
voice of her old father to undermine her morals. The detainees
revealed also that Al-Abda Malkani , the old detainee who was
recently released, is in a state of hysteria and amnesia and she
has torn down her clothes to protest her continuous detention.
Furthermore, the detainees confirmed that during the fire
accident that broke out around the camp many detainees were
transferred to Marjeyoun Hospital but the sole treatment was

The detainees also added that following the death of the Israeli
agent Akel Hachem, the water was cut from the camp for three
days and they were deprived from the sun as punishment.

The detainees said: our destiny is to struggle and to fight but our
body are devastated and worn out by illnesses and torture,
whether physical or psychological, persists and it seems that is
will never end. The most ugly and dramatic picture is that the
village of Ayta Al-Chaab was completely arrested and families
with all their members are held hostages.

Our detention is against all international and human laws and
the torture we are subjected to must entice all states and
governments to react but we are wondering if those who defend
human rights are concerned by our case? Donít we deserve a visit
from the Committee for Human Rights of the United Nations?
Donít we deserve an international investigation committee to
know closely what is truly happening in this most cruel place of
the world?

We urge our brothers, the Lebanese Government, all governments
worldwide and all human organizations to take our sufferings to
public and to put pressure on Israel to release us to be saved from
this detention camp. And finally we salute all consciences
around the world.