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Brigadier General Uri Shoham General Antione Lahad
Judge Advocate General c/o Lieutenant-General Shaul Mofaz
6 Elazar Street Chief of Staff, South Lebanese Army
Hakirya, Tel Aviv 91007 7Æ AÆ Street
Fax: 03-569-4370 Hakariya, Tel Aviv 91007
Fax: 03-691-6940

18 November, 1999

RE: Fear of Torture of South Lebanese Prisoners
Husayn æAli Haris, aged 48
Muhammad Mahmud Haris, aged 21
Haytham Bahjat AsÆad, aged 30
Nader Muhammad Khader, aged 30

Dear General Shoham/General Lahad,

The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) has learned though
information from Amnesty International, that the four men mentioned above
were arrested in the villages of æAyta al-ShaÆb and Belat in South Lebanon
on the nineth and tenth of September, 1999. They were arrested by members of
the South Lebanon Army (SLA) and the Israeli army, and are believed to be
detained in Khaim Detention Centre.

The Khaim Detention Centre is infamous for its methods of torture against
its prisoners, and also for detaining prisoners indefinitely without charges
or trial.  Former detainees have recounted testimonies of whipping, beating,
torture with electric shock and being doused with hot and cold water. They
also attest to repeatedly being denied access to their lawyers.

The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) is greatly concerned
about the welfare of the above mentioned detainees, considering reports of
the harsh detention conditions in Khiam Detention Centre and descriptions of
systematic abuse and torture.

PCATI inquires about the present status of these detainees and requests an
immediate report of their condition.  PCATI seeks assurance that these
detainees will not be tortured or ill-treated in any way during their
detention.  PCATI demands that these three prisoners be charged and brought
to trial, according to international standards.  If this is not carried out
promptly, PCATI insists the prisoners be released immediately.  In addition
PCATI demands that the prisoners be allowed to meet with their attorneys,
representatives of the International Red Cross and their families and
receive medical attention without delay.

We await response on this matter.


                    Hannah Friedman
                              Executive Director, PCATI

CC: Mr. Ehud Barak, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence
        Shaul Mofaz, Chief of Staff-Israeli Army
        Amnesty International-London
        S.O.S Torture Geneva
        International Red Cross, Tel Aviv