The testimonies of Mustafa Tawbe and his son Ali were distributed on the internet following their release.

Mustafa Tawbeh (40 years old), born in 1945- from the village of Arnoun.

" I was arrested on 10 October 1997 and released on 8 November 1999 so I will not die in the camp and a as a result of the international support campaign. During the whole period of my detention, I was in solitary confinement and suffered all kinds of tortures. I was hit with a viscous rod on my kidneys which left me unconscious and I was bleeding for 30 days. I was hanged on a tree and scourged with plastic whips on my neck, shoulders and head. I spent seven interrupted months in the Hospital of Marjeyoun as a result of the deterioration of my health condition in the KDC. Painkillers were the only medical treatment I received and the only reason for my release is to avoid my death in the camp.
The arrest of my child and my wife added to my torment as I could hear them screaming because I knew that they were being brutally tortured and I’d lose conscience.
The situation in the camp is totally unbearable: the prisoner Mujib Turmuss needs catheterization; the prisoner Ali Saad from the village of Tibeh, broke down under torture. Although he has been arrested for five months only, he was paralyzed and has already received, at the time we were released, 300 painkilling needles; the prisoner Mohsen Kawsan is suffering from respiratory problems and his brother Abbass needs a catheterization; Izzat Yassine is diabetic and his health condition has dramatically deteriorated. He is also suffering from an acute sight defect; the prisoner Mohammed Salim Katbay (65 years old) had many heart attacks as a result of his difficult emotional state; the prisoner Hussein Akil is totally blind. He had surgery for the cornea inside Israel but this surgery was in fact useless; the prisoner Ali Ghanwi (66 years old) is no longer able to see although his optical glasses are changed from time to time; and finally the health condition of the prisoner Ali Halawi is deteriorating constantly and he is getting thinner and thinner every day.
I ask you to endeavor harder and harder and I would like to salute all the human organizations that adopted our case.

Ali Tawbeh from the village of Arnoun- Born in 1982.

"I was arrested on 6 October 1997 and released with my father on 8 November 1999. While I was carrying out some repairs on the roof of our house in Arnoun when suddenly it was surrendered. I was arrested and taken to the Khiam Detention Camp. On the way from Arnoun to Khiam, I was beaten and insulted. I was forced to kneel and they started to kick me and beat me with a rod. I was later tied to a post and they continued to beat me before my head was plunged in stinky water. They threatened to kill me and to arrest my mother and sister.
I was whipped on the feet as well as all over my body. As a result of pouring cold water on my body, I suffered from a severe cold and currently I have a taqui cardite and problems with the large intestine. I will never forget my fellow-mates in the Camp especially all teenagers and youngsters. And I promise that I will work for their release. As for myself, I will pursue my studies”.
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